38 Types of Silk Fabrication

SILKPRADA has 38 types of Silk Fabrication available at this time. Learn more about silk fabrication types to understand the rich varieties and complexity of 100% pure silk fabrics

Silk is made of silkworms which are the larva or caterpillars of the silk moth. Silkworms feed on mulberry leaves. Silkworms that eat mulberry leaves produce the finest silk fibers.

38 Types of Silk Fabrication that are commonly used for dresses:

01. Mulberry Silk Charmeuse

Mulberry Silk Charmeuse fabrics are known for their lustrous shine and softness, silk charmeuse is a staple for luxury dresses and nightgowns. Silk Charmeuse also ideal for use as bedding. The best weight for bedding sets using silk charmeuse is between 19 momme to 30 momme. One side is shiny and the inner side is matte. Silk Charmeuse is available with momme weight between 12 to 40 momme.

The higher the momme, the higher is the density of silk fibers and the thicker is the silk charmeuse.

We categorized our Silk Charmeuse in Color Series from 100 to 800. Most of our silk fabrics are available in 88 colors for Color Series 600, 700 and 800.

02. LING SHI Silk

03. Silk Crepe de Chine

04. Silk Crepe de Chine Double Layers

05. Silk Crepe de Chine Three Layers

06. Silk Crepe de Chine Four Layers

07. Silk Chiffon

08. Silk Crinkle Chiffon

09. Silk Chiffon Charmeuse

10. Silk Double Georgette

11. Silk Three Layers Georgette

12. Silk Habotai

13. Silk Organza

14. Silk Organza Double Layers

15. Silk Organza Charmeuse

16. Silk Taffeta

17. Silk Faille

18. Silk Duchess

19. Silk Shantung

20. Silk Shantung Jacquard

21. Silk Shantung Embroidery

22. Silk Dupioni

Silk Dupioni is another type of silk fabrication which is a plain weave produced by using the fine thread in the warp and uneven thread reeled from two or more entangled cocoons in the weft. This method creates a highly lustrous surface and heavier silk fabric. Silk Dupioni is known for its slub texture as the main characteristic. Using different colors of threads creates an iridescent effect which makes it looks luxurious.

Our Silk Dupioni is available in 28 momme and beautiful 88 colors.

23. Silk Twill

24. Silk Zibeline

25. Silk Gazaar

26. Silk Jacquard

Silk Jacquard is one of the Silk Fabrication types that are made of 100% Silk yarn.  Jacquard is a technique used to form a shiny pattern in the process of weaving silk fabric. The pattern is weaved through interweaving the warp and the weft while weaving. There are many patterns available such as floral, floral oriental, geometric shapes, and abstract.

27. Silk Mesh

28. Silk Jersey Knit

30. Silk Fuji

31. Silk Bosky

32. Silk Noil

33. Raw Silk

34. Silk Digital Prints

35. Silk Custom Prints

36. Silk Ahimsa

37. Silk Eco Botanical Dyed

38. Silk Eco Botanical Floral Prints

Silk weight is called momme (mm) and is equal to about 3.62 grams per square yard. The heavier and thicker the silk fabrics, the momme will be higher.