Silk Momme
silk momme

Silk momme, a term deeply ingrained in the world of luxurious fabrics, is a vital aspect of understanding the quality and texture of silk products. Originating from Japan, the word “momme” (pronounced ‘moe-may’) refers to a unit of measurement used to gauge the weight and density of silk fabric. In the realm of silk textiles, momme serves as a crucial indicator of quality, with higher momme values typically indicating denser, more luxurious silk. Understanding silk momme is fundamental for those seeking the epitome of comfort, elegance, and opulence in their fabric choices.

Silk momme is widely used to represent the number and thickness of yarn that weaved into the fabric. Due to the fact that silk originated from China, South Korea, Japan, India, Germany and Italy, the silk weight/momme are counted in grams, following the metric system.

Silk Momme Fabric

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