Silk Cocoon for facial treatment

Free Mulberry Silk Cocoon for Facial Treatment

Request your free Mulberry Silk Cocoon for Facial Treatment (use as facial cleanser/scrub). We will send you 10 pcs of the white silkworm cocoon free of charge with a minimum purchase of $100.00

Silk Cocoon contains Nitrogen, which is almost 38 times than Nitrogen found in Pearls. Silk Cocoon also contains Amino Acid which is much higher than Pearls. Amino Acid is easily absorbed by face skin to promote metabolism.

You can request more of the white silk cocoon free of charge when you purchase one of our Pure 100 % Mulberry Silk Bedding products. The MAXIMUM QUANTITY (pcs) of the free white silk cocoon that you may request should equal 10% of your total purchase price, not including any taxes, shipping cost and other fees.