Our Story


SILKPRADA Our Story ~ All of our Exquisite Silk Bedding products and Accessories are made/manufactured with imported fabrics, in New York City, USA. 

We import 100% Pure Silk Fabrics from South Korea, China, India and Germany.

As represented by our company and brand name, we only produce and sell 100% pure Mulberry Grade 6A silk fabrics, silk bedding, silk curtain drapes and silk accessories to give our customers the confidence that all of our products are made of 100% pure silk.

To differentiate our company from all other manufacturers and sellers, we offer more customized designs and products.

You have choices of almost 100 colors to complement your interior designs and preferences.

We will work with you and your interior designers to incorporate the custom designs of your silk bedding and accent pillow shams for the bedrooms.

We also offer custom made silk products for the living rooms and dining rooms.