Where to buy mulberry silk fabric

When you need a silk fabric, you would like to find out where to buy mulberry silk fabric. As one of the most expensive fabrics, there are not many sellers that sell silk fabrics. 

SILKPRADA only sells 100% Pure Silk Fabrics to take the guesswork out of the shopper’s mind about the quality of the silk fabrics. All of our products including silk fabrics are made of 100% pure silk. We do not sell a mixed percentage of silk such as 70% silk 30 cotton or any other mixture of silk fabrics.

We offer 88 colors of silk fabrics with complimentary USPS first class shipping with tracking number, except for silk swatches that we ship with USPS First Class mail without the tracking number. 

For customers who want a specific color(s) or pattern, we offer a custom color or pattern silk fabric that we can ship within 2 weeks.

Contact us if you have any questions.


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